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Charles Zarobila, Curator of Special Collections

Tel: 216-397-4303      Fax: 216-397-4256

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Grasselli Library's Special Collections house our old, valuable and unique items as well as those whose fragility require careful handling. The materials cover a wide range of subjects and vary in format: manuscripts, incunabula, monographs, and scarce Chesterton drawings.

Guidelines for Use

GKC Portrait on Wall

Special Collections at Grasselli Library are open to any interested researcher.
-- All users must be accompanied by a library-staff member.
-- All materials must be used under the supervision of a library- staff member.
-- Coats and briefcases must be secured in another area BEFORE entering the Reading Room.
-- NO SMOKING OR FOOD is allowed in the reading room.
-- PENCILS ONLY are to be used in the reading room.
-- Special Collections materials may be checked out of the library only with the approval of the curator. Most materials in Special Collections do not circulate at all because of their rarity or fragility.

Book Case and Table--GKC

-- Please DO NOT MARK any of the materials in any way.
-- Please DO NOT TURN BOOKS FACE DOWN or weigh them down with any objects other than approved book weights.
-- Please DO NOT WRITE on anything that is laid on top of materials, or make tracings or rubbings of any materials.
-- Please DO NOT REARRANGE any Special Collections materials in any way.

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