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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library."

~ Jorge Luis Borges

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Dictionary of Literary Biography
Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) is a respected source for biographical and critical essays on authors and their works. Among the things students will find DLB helpful for is located authoritative texts of the writings of an author. To discover the volume of DLB in which your author appears, use the Gale Literary Index linked below.
Gale Literary Index

Oxford Reference, Literature
Reference books on literature published by Oxford University Press.

Scribner Writers Series
A long established reference source, each essay about an author presents the life, style, key themes, most often used literary devices, and critical perspectives. Each essay provides a bibliography of important studies and primary sources.


American National Biography
Biographical essays on influential and dead Americans from all walks of life. Includes bibliographies, sometimes with locations of archival collections.

Biography Reference Bank
Biography Reference Bank provides biographical information on people from antiquity to the present. Contains thousands of images.

Contemporary Authors
Biographical sketches of noted living authors writing in fiction or nonfiction. Contact information is sometimes provided.

Literary Reference Center (EBSCO)
A database covering authors and works most commonly studied from high school through college. Includes selected literary criticism, plot summaries, author biographies, author interviews, book reviews, poems, short stories, and images.

Oxford Reference, Classical studies
Reference books on classical literature and the classical world published by Oxford University Press.

May be of interest

Academic Search Complete
This database provides many full text links to a mix of general interest publications and those in specific academic areas, such as social sciences, humanities, education, language and linguistics, arts, and literature. Publications regarded as interdisciplinary are also represented. ASC is a good general topic database for preliminary research, covering core publications and updated daily.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Author contact information may be found in The Writers Directory. Other literary titles in GVRL are Literary Newsmakers for Students, Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream, and Shakespeare for Students.

LexisNexis Academic
Full text access to a wide range of news, business, legal, and reference information. L/N's coverage of newspapers, magazines, and news transcripts makes it a good source for news on cultural happenings and finding information about people.

Oxford Reference Online Premium
In addition to language and literature, Oxford Reference Online Premium provides reference titles in fields such as science and philosophy. This makes OROP a good source for exploring influential ideas and literary writing in a variety of specialties.