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JCU tower--the Library's first home
The JCU tower--the Library's first home (University Archives)

Mission Statement

The mission of Grasselli Library & Breen Learning Center is to advance and support the teaching and research programs of John Carroll University. The Library, in its responsibility within the University to ensure the preservation of knowledge, will build its collections and provide access to information sources here and elsewhere.

Vision Statement

We envision the Library as the university gateway to a busy and evolving world of texts, images, and sounds. We see our collections, our facilities, and ourselves as vital academic resources, working together and through on-campus partnerships with administration, faculty, staff, and students, as well as through consortia, to meet the more complex needs of the university community.

We envision an organized electronic campus network that integrates locally held, statewide, and worldwide resources. These resources will continue to include both printed and electronic resources. As a member of OhioLINK, the JCU community has access to a large shared collection of books and periodical articles. We can initiate requests for borrowing these materials with timely, satisfying delivery. Future OhioLINK developments will bring us increasing resources. We envision the members of the JCU community connecting to the campus network from their homes or offices or while traveling. We also envision a busy library building where students and other members of the JCU community meet to study and interact using information. We envision technology improvements that increase the speed of data flows, including sound and images, through an integrated system with a common interface.

We envision the library staff as primary resources for locating, evaluating, delivering, and teaching about information resources that are used in teaching and learning. We envision librarians as both information content specialists and as knowledgeable generalists capable of assisting users at all levels of subject knowledge. We envision library user education as closely integrated with the university curriculum. Librarians will be actively working with other faculty and with students in the classroom, as well as in the Library, tailoring efforts to fit situations and teaching students how to access, evaluate, and use information. Librarians will assist the university teaching faculty with their courses as well as develop and teach their own courses. We also envision the Library as active in contributing expertise and resources in a university-wide distance-learning program.

Responding to the complexity, high costs, and growing needs for information technologies university wide, as well as the University’s current plan to offer a "distributed" computer services network that is coordinated by a "lean" information services staff, we envision a library staff that grows in technological skill and team orientation. We foresee the Library meeting this challenge both by selecting future hires with a high level of specific needed technical and other skills and also by developing and promoting present staff. We envision the entire library staff as creative lifelong learners who are competent users of evolving technology. We envision the entire library staff committed to working effectively together and with faculty and students to understand and respond to their information needs.