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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library."

~ Jorge Luis Borges

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Carrolline (JCU Catalog)
The holdings of books and other materials at the Grasselli Library. Digitized videos found in OhioLINK's Digital Video Collection have been cataloged and linked in Carrolline. A search, for example, of Shakespeare's Henry V will bring up both digitized and hardcopy video renditions of this play.

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
A pioneering catalog of digitized medieval manuscripts currently available on the web. This source is searchable by location, shelfmark, author, title, and languages. It is produced by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Credo Reference
Reputable online reference books from various publishers, including those in literature and language. Image searching available.

Digital Resource Commons (OhioLINK)
An interface of the various digital images, videos, and audio collections acquired by OhioLINK and made available to all member libraries. Includes Abolition Digital Archives, Art & Architecture Images, Digital Video Collection, Foreign Language Videos, Historic & Archival Images, and Greek and Latin inscriptions.

Educational Films and Documentaries
Full-length educational videos on many subjects, including the BBC Complete Dramatic Works of Shakespeare.

Flickr Commons
A purpose of Flickr is to reveal valuable, but little seen, photographs contained in archives throughout the world. A continuously expanding project, Oregon State is the first university to display its photographic holdings on Flickr. Flickr invites the public to contribute descriptions and tags to the photographs it contains.

Godey's Lady's Book, 1830-1898 (1830 - 1898)
Plates and text from the first American publication designed for an audience of women.

HarpWeek (1857 - 1871)
Civil War and Reconstruction era text and images from Harper's Weekly, a weekly newspaper of politics and literature.

Naxos Music Library
An audio file of Naxos CDs, including liner notes. Types of music include classical, jazz, and folk. You must log out when finished with this service.
Naxos Music Library Guides