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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library."

~ Jorge Luis Borges

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Annual Reviews

Research surveys compare, contrast, and evaluate research published in a given year. They also indicate areas where there is potential for further study.

American Literary Scholarship: An Annual (1963 - Current)
An evaluative annual review of noteworthy scholarship on American literature. The individual chapters are written by noted scholars and cover such things as major writers, types of literature, periods, foreign scholarship by country, and reference works. Earlier issues, back to 1963, are available in hardcopy in the general collection stacks, call # PS/3/.A47.
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Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory (1995 - 2009)
A "narrative bibliography" of important criticism on literature, media, and cultural studies. Coverage is selective and chapter titles vary from year to year. Issues of YWCCT published prior to 1995 (Volume 13) are available in hardcopy in the reference collection stacks, call # Ref/PN/80/.Y43.
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Year's Work in English Studies (1919 - 2011)
Evaluates important criticism published in a given year. Arrangement is by individual chapters covering periods, nationalities, individual major authors, English language, bibliography and textual criticism. Coverage is selective. Volumes from 1919 to 1997 are available in hardcopy in the reference collection, call # Ref/PE/58/.E6.
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Year's Work in Modern Language Studies (1930 - 2010)
This annual review covers language and literature in Romance, Celtic, Germanic, and Slavonic languages. The volumes are also available in hardcopy in the library reference collection, call # Ref/PB/1/.Y45.
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Yearbook of English Studies (1971 - 2012)
Each volume of Yearbook of English Studies covers a topic of current interest in literature. Unlike the “annual reviews” provided above, YES does not restrict itself to research appearing in a given year. There is a time lag of a few years before hardcopy issues of YES become available online. Until available online, hardcopy volumes are shelved in the reference stacks, call # Ref/PN/12/.Y4. Forthcoming topics are Medieval Drama (2013), Caroline Literature (2014), and English Literature and Book History (2015).
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